The end of the year

End of the year. Everybody posts his "Best of 2012" around. Everybody posts her "New Year's resolutions for 2013".

Resolution by  xkcd

Resolution by xkcd

I will spare you my "best of " part. About the resolutions, tomorrow I am going to start what almost every photographer attempts at least once, my Project 365. Yes, it means taking a picture everyday for the next year. The reason? None. Well, actually, the main goal is to force myself to take at least a shot even when I feel I have nothing to take pictures of, when I feel most lazy. At the same time I hope to improve my skills with photography (they say "Practice makes perfect") and to change the way I look at my everyday. Wow, that sounds pompous!

Many have succeeded, many others have failed. Let's see how I will do. I will use this space to share the progress with whoever wishes to follow it. Ah, it will also be a good excuse to update this blog once a day!