A totally new adventure

Yes, I haven't been writing over here in a while. Since that last post at the end of October so many things have changed.

The most noticeable news is that I am not based in Finland anymore. I nowadays live in London and I am currently writing this post from my temporary Airbnb accommodation. I moved here at the end of 2013 and I will start with a new job at Symplectic ltd as a Front-end Developer on Monday. I can't wait.

In these last months I have taken some pictures. I haven't yet had the time to upload them, busy as I was with the relocation, but I will  try to catch up little by little.

London is definitely a complete different world compared to Oulu. I will probably not have loads of Northern Lights and probably not as much snow as before, but hopefully I will improve my street photography skills. Moreover, London is way more connected to the civilised world, hence you might see more travel pictures around here.

If you like what you have seen on these pages until now, please follow me in this new adventure.