Greetings from Copenhagen

I am finally taking some time off work and I am in Copenhagen for some days. I always wanted to visit it when I was living in Finland. Now, from London, it's so cheap to fly here that I couldn't resist.

I have been here for only two days but I am really loving this city. Being now used to the hurried life of the English capital, the Danish one looks so quite by comparison and bikes and green are everywhere.

This post will collect some of the pictures I am taking: I haven't yet chosen my favorite ones, I need some some time and distane from the moment I took them for that. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:
(Not the most productive day, but I have been visiting a couple of museums and the rain didn't help!)

Day 5:

That's all. I really enjoyed the experience of traveling with a fixed-lens mirrorless. It meant I missed a couple of shots (yes, I have been thinking a lot about the 70-300 when I saw the herons) but I liked the challenge and I felt more agile. Also, people seemed to react more friendly when I took pictures of them.