Between Sweden and Finland

During the past weekend I had the chance to leave for another hiking adventure. This time it was at the border between Finland and Sweden (mainly in the area of Ylitornio).


Here the border between the two countries is separated by the Tornio river and cities which were once the same village are now part of two different states. 

On the Swedish side we stopped at Kukkolaforsen and Kattilakoski, two nice places where to have a BBQ looking at the rapids of the Torniojoki. 


The hiking part has taken place on the Finnish side, along the Aurinkovaarojen Jotos trail.  Here, we felt as if nobody had gone through the same trail in months, finding fallen trees on the neglected path. We slept in a Finnish laavu the first night and in a open wilderness hut who probably had not seen visitors in weeks the second night. We walked through swamps, collected blueberries and cloudberries and some of us swam in the lake (not me - I need some more Mediterranean weather for that). This is the Finnish summer.